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“Great tech support and good program.”

Alan Bacon
Owner, Rollarena

“It's a user-friendly software with online help and guidance throughout."

Fazinah Sheriff
Co-Owner, More Fun with Bounce

It is an all inclusive package i.e. online booking, pos, scheduling, time clock etc. Support has always been great even when needed after hours..”

Edward Hughes
Owner, Northland Rolladium

It's very interactive with what we need to do. We can set it up how we need to do everything. So it saves us a ton of time. It makes it user-friendly for the staff so there's less mistakes because it's walking them through a lot of the steps.”

Jason Walkinshaw
Owner, Lil Monkeys

We knew that there was a need to start booking parties online. And when we did our research, we really liked the company support, the ease of using the program, and the customization of it.

Janet Hill
Owner, Adventure Sports in Hershey

They are operators in background, so they know the challenges that operators have. So they can use that experience and that knowledge to really form and craft the product into something that makes great sense for us. It's not the same product that it used to be because they are constantly doing upgrades, and rolling out new features, and improving things. Party Center Software is one of the best vendors that we work with.

Parker Coddington
Partner, Shenaniganz

Meet the Team

At Party Center Software, we all come to work every day because we want to help family entertainment centers succeed and create lasting memories for families all around the world. 

Megan Hawkins

Megan Hawkins

Senior Customer Success Consultant

As a busy mom, Megan knows the value of online booking. She loves creating memorable party experiences for her own family, and she takes this passion into work each day to help operators engage their guests more effectively. She is a rockstar when it comes to identifying the issues and making recommendations to help customers achieve long-term success. 

Her favorite attraction is mini golf.

Alex Keller

Alex Keller

Customer Success Consultant

Alex Keller is a Customer Success Consultant at Party Center Software. An alumnus of the University of Tennessee, his passion for the family entertainment industry comes from a childhood spent along the Pigeon Forge Parkway.

His favorite arcade game is Quick & Crash.

Eileen Hawkins

Eileen Hawkins

Customer Success Manager

Eileen used to be a customer and loved the software so much, she decided to join our team. She brings her experience running multiple locations to help consult customers on daily operations and processes.

Her favorite attractions are carousels.

Jesse Conley

Jesse Conley

Technician Support Technician

Jesse loves to trouble-shoot and has in-depth knowledge of the product to help customers conquer their fears.

His favorite attraction is Virtual Reality.

Jason Lester

Jason Lester

Technical Support Technician

Jason is all about safety. He applies caution to help customers get to a safe place. 

His favorite attraction is bumper cars.



Will Heimbichner

Will Heimbichner

Technical Support Technician/QA

Will is a 49er's fan, retro enthusiast, and a lead singer for the band Sunday School. He brings his talents and angelic voice to provide the optimal customer support.

His favorite arcade game is Pac-man.

Tom Coakley

Tom Coakley

Software Developer

Tom is an avid reader, traveler, and RVer. He brings his passion for life into writing huge lines of code.

His favorite attraction is laser tag.

Rafael Dos Santos

Rafael Dos Santos

.NET Developer

Rafael is a Cloud Architect whose core skills include APIs and DevOps. When he's not living in the cloud, he is speaking in front of other developers in the BrazillianDevs community.

His favorite attractions are water parks.

Katie Montevecchi

Katie Montevecchi

Software Developer

Katie is a mother who knows what it's like to plan birthday parties for her kids. She's also an amazing developer who runs circles around the boys with her codes. 

Her favorite attractions are indoor play centers.

michael alves

Michael Alves

UX/UI Designer

Michael turned down an offer to become a GQ model to pursue his passion for design. He is the latest addition to the product team and will be introducing Design Thinking into our product.

His favorite attraction is billiards.

Douglas Conceição

Douglas Conceição

.NET Developer

Douglas is truly an international man of mystery. His passport requires no photograph and he can speak Spanish... in Portuguese. He also knows multiple computer programming languages.

His favorite Atari game is Cloak & Dagger.

Scott Drummond

Scott Drummond

Founder and President

Scott is the man, the myth, the legend in the amusement industry. He has 6 kids, but Party Center Software is his favorite.

His favorite game is Space Invaders.

Joni Hall

Joni Hall

Finance Manager

Joni is the mother we all wish we had. Sweet, kind, and always looking after us. 

Her favorite attraction is bowling.

Jon Radcliff

Jon Radcliff

Software Development Project Manager

Jon leads the product team in taking the software to a whole new level. He brings 10+ years in a SaaS development environment and really knows how to get things done.

His favorite attractions are indoor trampoline parks.

Rebecca Twomey

Rebecca Twomey

Director of Sales & Customer Success

Rebecca loves helping businesses succeed. As a sales and marketing consultant, she's worked with countless business owners, sales professionals, and marketing directors to improve processes and revenue. At Party Center Software, she loves watching FEC's thrive. Her goal is to provide support to her team and her clients, helping everyone win together.

Her favorite attraction is (super fast) go-karts.


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