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“Great tech support and good program.”

Alan Bacon
Owner, Rollarena

“It's a user-friendly software with online help and guidance throughout."

Fazinah Sheriff
Co-Owner, More Fun with Bounce

It is an all inclusive package i.e. online booking, pos, scheduling, time clock etc. Support has always been great even when needed after hours..”

Edward Hughes
Owner, Northland Rolladium

It's very interactive with what we need to do. We can set it up how we need to do everything. So it saves us a ton of time. It makes it user-friendly for the staff so there's less mistakes because it's walking them through a lot of the steps.”

Jason Walkinshaw
Owner, Lil Monkeys

We knew that there was a need to start booking parties online. And when we did our research, we really liked the company support, the ease of using the program, and the customization of it.

Janet Hill
Owner, Adventure Sports in Hershey

They are operators in background, so they know the challenges that operators have. So they can use that experience and that knowledge to really form and craft the product into something that makes great sense for us. It's not the same product that it used to be because they are constantly doing upgrades, and rolling out new features, and improving things. Party Center Software is one of the best vendors that we work with.

Parker Coddington
Partner, Shenaniganz

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