PCS Spotlight: Birthday University and U-Profit - Raising The Bar and Challenging The Status Quo in the FEC Industry

Apr 23, 2012 11:36 AM
In today's Party Center Software Spotlight, we're proud to introduce two FEC Industry Leaders: Frank Price with Birthday University and Bill Carlson with U-Profit. As FEC industry leaders - both men know the integrity and commitment required to run successful businesses in today's economy.
Frank Price is the president of F.L. Price and Associates, a training, operations and concept development firm, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, that specializes in family fun, recreation and children’s entertainment. Frank has become the leading expert on the business of birthday parties, developing programs and installing experiential concepts, customizing manuals and training employee teams to achieve cutting edge success. Frank founded Birthday University in 2000 to answer the need for understanding the presentation of high quality commercial birthday parties. Birthday University continues to tour in it’s 10 th successful year, teaching businesses like Disney, Hershey Parks and Palace Entertainment Parks, Stone Fire Pizza, Andretti Thrill Park, San Diego Ice Rink, Roseville Skate Town, The Ontario Science Center, The Florida Aquarium, Hero’s, Giggley Kids, Jump Club and thousands of other family entertainment enterprises, the business of remarkable and profitable birthday parties. Frank has custom trained at many high profile industry companies, including Adventure Zone, Skate time 209, Magic Mountain, Castle Park, Rink Management, Freedom Station, New Roc City Sports Plus, John’s Incredible Pizza, McDermitt Field House and Fun Depot .
“As the bar is raised, more and more companies will be delivering higher quality birthday parties to set them apart from the pack.  Those that fail to keep the pace will be forced to compete with an inferior product. Birthday celebrations are far too important and emotional for families to be satisfied with low priced, poorly run cattle calls.”   - Frank Price, founder and educator of Birthday University
Read more about Frank, Birthday University and view upcoming events here

Bill Carlson has over 30 years of experience owning and operating successful businesses in amusement and entertainment, retailing, international development and consulting.

Along the way he has learned the importance of creating a value-based business culture. Recognizing the significant role nurtured happy employees play in creating memorable experiences for customers.

The principles and primary strategies of his AIM™ Alternative Innovative Management program are essential for owners and key personnel to create a culture based on great core values and nurture and the most important people, their employees.

Hundreds of businesses have benefited from Bill’s prophetic vision.

Bill is known as “the Profit Mentor” and has gained wide acclaim for the results his clients have achieved. This is because people with mentors:

  • make more money than those without mentors
  • derive greater job and career satisfaction than those without mentors
  • are promoted more than those that do not have mentors
  • have greater job mobility than those without mentors
  • have better work-family balance than those without mentors
"What I do almost every working day, is show people how to improve the way they can transform their business and their lives. Use the AIM™ system and its Primary Strategy tools, I tell them, and you can set in motion powerful changes that will dramatically improve every aspect of your business. And guess what? You can take the same tools home and use them to improve your relationships, your finances, your parenting, and retirement planning, even how you manage your own stress levels. If you share these tools with your kids it will help them achieve their goals in any field they choose. Invest your time, money and energy in your employees, people won’t trust you if you don’t take care of them. They in turn will take care of your customers. Learn to build the relationships that affect the bottom line."  - Bill Carlson, U-Profit

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