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Kid-Netic Testimonial

Jun 24, 2014 6:59 AM

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"I'm Mariam Gandour. My husband and I own 2 Kid-Netic locations in New Jersey. We do children's birthday parties and we cater to children, ages 2 to 12."

Why did you choose Party Center Software?
"We did the demo with Scott online, and we found that it was a comprehensive software that covered all of our anticipated needs."

What are your favorite features?
"Some of our favorite features of Party Center Software are the ability for desk staff to do all transactions at the point of sale. It's easy to train them. It's easy to access reports remotely - that's probably one of our favorite features; the ability to access information about what's happening in our business while we're away, from any location. We just login, and it gives us a real-time view of how we're doing"

How much time does the software save you?
"The software actually saves us a lot of time. Most of it is related to reporting and gathering data and information. Prior to PCS, we used to do our daily sheet in an excel spreadsheet, which required someone to enter the data manually, and then retrieve it, and email it, and so forth. So I would say easily, in a week, it saves us 4-5 hours of staff time. That's a considerable amount of time if you multiply that by a number of locations."

Has the Support Department been helpful?
"I find it amazing that they're always available by phone or email. Whenever we send a request, we get a response within 24 hours. If there's an emergency after hours, you do find somebody to respond to your telephone call. And I have to say, for a business that size, that's an impressive advantage."

Would you recommend this software to others?
"I would absolutely recommend Party Center Software to other operators. I meet people at other events, and shows, and places where business owners gather, and I always speak highly of Party Center Software, and hope they consider using it for their own business."

Do you have any additional comments?
"I don't think that we would be able to operate without Party Center Software. As I've said, we've looked around, and Party Center Software really is the most comprehensive, and user-friendly, and affordable software that I've seen on the market today."

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