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Is Facebook Really Free?

Jul 2, 2014 2:46 PM

Tip of the WeekWe all love Facebook, don't we? It's a great way to share pictures, stay updated with old friends, and even kill time at work (but we know that you guys NEVER do that, right??). Facebook is a great tool for businesses to utilize. Even though the design and algorithms change frequently, it's a free platform for people and businesses to connect. Although Facebook accounts are currently free, there are some underlying changes that might eventually make this platform ineffective unless you pay for ads.

A lot of you may have noticed recently that the posts on your brand's Facebook Page have decreased in organic reach. Why is this happening? To put it simply, there are too many stories shared on the website, and there's not enough News Feed space to show all of these stories without overwhelming users with more content than they can consume. Plus, Facebook puts less emphasis on brand content than they do on other content.  In 2012, organic reach for Pages was restricted to 16%, and that number has only gone down with the latest updates.  Researches are saying that we should expect organic reach to eventually hit zero.

This means that if you don't pay for ads on Facebook, your content and stories won't show up on the News Feeds of your fans.  So while Facebook is technically free, you'll need to pay in order to have any real impact.

So what can you do to counteract this?  You can educate your consumers and encourage them to use Pages Feed in order to see all content and stories for Pages that they've liked.  You can also let them know that they can "Get Notifications" from pages that they like, as you can see in the image below.

Facebook Get Notifications

Other than that, it seems the best strategy for engaging with Facebook fans in the future would be to pay for advertising.  Or, instead, a lot of businesses are focusing more energy and effort on the web assets that they actually own; their website and blog.  Your website is really the only platform that you fully control - you'd never have to worry about Mark Zuckerberg putting restrictions on who can see that content.

Do you have any Facebook tips or tricks that have worked well for your business?  If so, we'd love to share them with everyone. Send your Facebook tips to and we might just feature your tip right here on this blog!

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