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Romp n Stomp Testimonial

Jul 8, 2014 7:15 AM

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"My name is Janice Jokkel and I'm the Founder and CEO of Fun of Romp n Stomp Inflatables and More."

Why did you choose Party Center Software?
"We launched Party Center Software in 2011, after being in business since 2006. We found that doing everything manually was just too cumbersome - I had to carry a three ring binder around everywhere I went to be able to book a party mom - and my fear was to double-book. So when I met Scott at IAAPA, he really convinced me that the software program that he had launched was the best in the industry. And I have to validate that comment because after using it for now 3 years solid - I have to say that curious minds killed the cat - and we went out and looked for other software programs. Nothing competes against Party Center Software with a plethora of reporting and combination of features that they have within their software program."

What are your favorite features?
"The features that we really like the most within Party Center Software that we feel we use on a daily basis is the reporting. To be able to take a quick glance at any aspect of my business; to get trends; to go all the way back to when we first launched Party Center Software in 2011; to see year after year of how we have grown - that is important to me. To be able to see what open plays worked, what I shouldn't do again...Really the reporting aspect of Party Center Software is what's the most critical backbone to my business."

How much time does the software save you?
"Party Center Software has really cut down on the time spent on micro-managing our business. Where it used to take me hours through Excel spreadsheets to understand our business trends, and understand what our business was growing or how we were growing. Now, within a click of a button in Party Center Software, we are able to pull any report that we would like to look at a specific feature of our business, and be able to analyze those numbers."

What would you say to others considering using this software?
"When I first looked at investing in something that would help me build my business, not just add an expense to my bottom line, Party Center Software was, at first, a big pill to swallow. But after the initial onset of putting that into my budget, it really has saved me thousands and thousands of dollars, added to my bottom line; added party add-ons that I wasn't getting when I was taking phone calls personally. So, for those that are looking for an easy entry point and constant support from a company, Party Center Software is who you really need to choose."

Additional comments:
"One of the biggest features that Party Center Software has over any of the other competitors out there is the Customer Database. They really have it down to a fine tooth of knowing what's important to a party operator such as myself. You can download anything you want by using the data that you gain from the party moms and your guests that come to each event. It really captures that marketing opportunity to market going forward. Their database is second to none."

Janice Jokkel, Founder and CEO of Romp n Stomp

Romp n Stomp
900 Medina Road
Medina, OH 44256

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