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Tips to Minimize Construction Delays at your Fun Center

Jul 21, 2014 10:25 AM

Sir Gooney's
Article - "Prepare for the Inevitable: Delays" originally published by Funworld Magazine.

Every winter, Sir Goony’s Family Fun Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, undergoes its annual “paint-up/fix-up” routine to repair minor-to-moderate damage that occurred during the previous year. “You would be amazed how destructive customers can be,” notes owner Dutch Magrath.

However, 2014 proved to be different for the 54-year-old FEC, as Magrath decided to go for a major overhaul. He gutted and remodeled the inside of the building to allow space for a new major thrill attraction, added a new birthday room, and enlarged the game room. Plus, Magrath doubled the bumper car arena, changed from gas to electric go-karts, and renovated the golf courses.

He hoped to have all the work complete by March 1. Magrath unfortunately encountered the maddening constant in most renovation projects—delays.

Among the issues: miscommunication with the electrician caused a slowdown in obtaining construction permits; confusion over the exact type of sprinkler system required for an attraction under an awning; and an inspector “red flagged” the FEC over the course of four separate visits rather than just making all his comments on one trip.

The new-and-improved Sir Goony’s opened at the end of March, roughly four weeks past projection, which Magrath acknowledges could have been much worse.

To help minimize renovation and construction delays, the industry veteran suggests the following tips:

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