How to Get Employees to Clean Better

Aug 13, 2014 12:05 PM

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More often than not, the employees at your FEC are teenagers.  As we all know, teenagers are not always the best cleaners, especially in the bathrooms.  Their definition of "clean" can be entirely subpar.  This is a business that needs to be cleaned the right way every night so that you can present customers with a great experience.  Teenagers don't always see it this way.  However, there is an easy technique to get employees to clean better.

In the office (or break room) put up a dry erase board that has a calendar template on it.  As you make your employee schedule each week, write the names of the closers on the board - they will be the ones cleaning the facility and the bathrooms at the end of the night.  Each morning that you come in, review the bathrooms and grade the cleaning effort (A-F) from the night before.  Then write that grade on the dry erase board so that all of your employees can see.

This is easily tied to an incentive program.  For example, any employee who gets A's for the entire month receives a gift card - there are endless possibilities for incentives, so get creative.  This also allows you to see which employees are good at cleaning, and which employees need work.  The grades will help you schedule good cleaners with bad cleaners for closing shifts.  The employees with A's will teach the others how to do the job properly.

In addition to incentives, the grading system itself will make your employees work harder.  Why?  Well, nobody likes to be called out, especially in front of their peers.  If someone receives a poor grade on the board, they'll make sure to do better next time so that they're not embarrassed with a bad grade again.  After a while, the incentives may no longer be necessary.  The shameful grades alone can be enough to prevent lazy efforts by your employees.

All it takes is a dry erase board to vastly improve the way that your employees clean, saving you a lot of headaches when you open the facility each morning.

How do you get employees to clean better? Tell us at and we might share your tip here on the blog!

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