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Sep 24, 2014 1:30 PM

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This tip is provided by Shawn Gwyn at Creative Works, Inc.

Continuous improvement training revitalizes your staff, and helps keep them up to date on the latest best practices for improving guest relations. Businesses that train employees once and release them into the marketplace are at a distinct disadvantage, when compared with businesses that adopt a continuous improvement training model. Every business is unique; your market may have special needs and your employees will be better prepared to meet those needs with the right training schedule.

One of the things we recommend is to set individual goals for each team member that are attainable, as well as creating an action plan for them to track their progress with regular management oversight to keep them moving upwards. As you find or improve upon existing best practices, ensure to incorporate those into your overall training.

Additionally we recommend cross-training for improved performance and back up support when needed. Having those who have excelled prior train those who are new, will help to reduce the burden on the management staff and provide some additional insights that may be helpful. Keep checklists for record keeping and review reporting, and try to infuse some fun into the training when possible. Providing incentives for reaching goals helps as well so keep this in mind when developing your system.

There are great companies out there that can assist with this and get you started so reach out to those that have experience when necessary to kick start your campaign for better improvement within your team. If you remember to never rest on your heels with good results, you’ll create a culture in your company that will help drive your staff to achieve great results.

Creative Works

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