Merrimack Valley Pavilion Testimonial

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"My name is Gary Brown. I own Merrimack Valley Pavilion in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. We've been open 2 years and we've had Party Center [Software] since we opened the doors."

Why did you choose Party Center Software?
"We were referred to you guys by some of the industry people - we have laser tag and mini golf. Some of our vendors like Delta Strike - and some of the other players that we had - had referred you guys. And when we talked to you, we liked what we heard. We think the system is very user-friendly, and that's why we made that move."

What are your favorite features?
"I think our favorite feature is that everything is kind of point and click. It's all Windows based and very simple to use for our employees. We have a lot of part time employees, and the training sometimes is difficult - the time we have to spend. But it seems like the software piece of it is very easy to use. So high school employees that are part time come in and it's very simple for them to pick it up."

Is the online party booking feature easy to use?
"Oh yea. The party bookings online are very easy. You see it the next day - you see it on the schedule. You contact the customer and pretty much that's done. The work is done for you."

Would you recommend this software to other operators?
"Oh, absolutely. I would recommend Party Center Software to any family entertainment business."

Have you enjoyed working with Party Center Software?
"It's been a great relationship. I just found out about a couple new upgrades are coming down the pike, and that's what we like as well. You guys are coming out, 2 or 3 times a year, with new upgrades that certainly make it easier for us to perform our business."

Merrimack Valley Pavilion
2087 Main Street
Tewksbury, MA 01876

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