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Host a Half Year Party

Jan 8, 2015 8:27 AM

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As we enter the new year, many of you may be recovering from the busy winter break, which is generally highlighted with a New Years Eve party at your facility. New Years Eve bashes can be a great way to capture revenue and provide a fun and safe place for kids to ring in the new year. But why only do this once a year? Why not host a half year party during the summer?

New Years Eve parties, just like birthday parties, are a lot of fun. That's why some people also celebrate, albeit in a smaller fashion, a half birthday - a date exactly six months after their real birthday. That way they get a bit of excitement on the other side of the year. You can apply this same concept to a New Years Eve or Christmas/Holiday party.

A half year party is beneficial for many reasons. First, indoor facilities are usually slower during the summer. Any event that brings in a lot of traffic and revenue will be welcome. Plus, you'll probably be the only place in town doing anything like it. The half year party distinguishes your brand and provides exposure through marketing.

There are limitless possibilities for the event itself. Maybe have a general admission cost for the party. You can do prize giveaways and balloon drops. Heck, you could probably find "Happy New Years" hats and noise makers at your local party store right now for steep discounts, since they need to get rid of their inventory. You could even find a local company to "co-host" the party with and use their merchandise as the prize giveaways. It would be an easy way to get more exposure and leverage their customer base and marketing.

This concept isn't limited to one-time public events. You could even contact any companies that do annual holiday parties at your facility and pitch them the idea of doing a half year corporate celebration during the summer. Their employees would love it!

A half year party is a unique way to bring in revenue during your slower months, and it can be a lot of fun for the community.

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