New Tablet POS Compatibility

Feb 5, 2015 1:19 PM

Tablet POS

Our Point of Sale goes mobile!

We are taking our flexible hardware approach to Point of Sale one step further with the announcement of tablet compatibility.

You can now use the full Point of Sale (POS) feature on a tablet device. The software was already touch-screen compatible for desktops, so creating an application that can be used on a tablet was the next logical step. We focus on providing flexible hardware options to you, rather than selling required proprietary components. This tablet announcement provides you with even more options for the POS terminal, as you can use a traditional desktop, an all-in-one desktop, or a tablet.

The Point of Sale application is compatible with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, and can be used with the Microsoft Surface Docking Station to build a compact, efficient terminal. Or, if you don't want a stationary POS, you have the ability to utilize tablets as mobile payment stations. Employees can take the tablet anywhere in your facility to serve customers and run credit card transactions. Receipts are also compatible with the mobile tablet, and can be printed wirelessly.

"As the business world changes, more and more businesses want a tablet solution," commented Scott Drummond, the President of Party Center Software. "We are excited to now offer an advanced tablet solution that works across our entire application."

To see how our Point of Sale can help your business, click the image below to schedule a demonstration.

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