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Announcing a New Brand - Cinema Party Software

Mar 18, 2015 10:53 AM

Cinema Party Software

We are so excited to announce that we are bringing our software solutions to a whole new market with a new brand, Cinema Party Software. Cinema Party Software is geared specifically for movie theater and cinema operators. While our existing Party Center Software solution provides party booking as well as whole facility management for FEC's (including point of sale and employee scheduling), this new brand is focused specifically on birthday party and group bookings.

The Cinema Party Software brand asks a simple question to movie theater operators: "Why aren't you booking more parties?" In the past, parties haven't been a focus for these operators. But a shift is occurring in the cinema industry right now, reminiscent of what's been happening in the bowling industry for many years. Instead of building traditional movie theaters, operators are beginning to open hybrid FEC and cinema facilities. These hybrid facilities need a party booking solution to be successful. And even those traditional theaters that only have a couple party tables will need to put more focus on birthday parties to keep up with the competition.

The online party booking functionality provided by Cinema Party Software will allow customers to book parties 24/7, even when a theater is closed. There are also built-in features to save time and hassle for employees and managers. To-do checklists are automatically created for each event, with reminders for any tasks that are not completed. One-click reports can show managers all the parties in a given day, the food they've ordered, detailed notes for each party, and so much more. And just as we do with our existing Party Center Software brand, we'll provide free 24/7 technical support to all customers.

"With the current evolution of the cinema and movie theater industry, we want to be ahead of the curve," commented Scott Drummond, President of both brands. "We are extremely excited to reach a new market that has a unique set of challenges. We're looking forward to using our years of entertainment and party booking experience to welcome operators to the new era of movie theaters."

Cinema Party Software makes its official debut at the CinemaCon Trade Show on April 21-23 in Las Vegas.

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