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Improve Google Search Results with Yoast

Mar 27, 2015 3:28 PM

Every business owner wants their business to be at the top of the search results on Google. Being at the top is great, but it's also important to try and control what your posting looks like. That's why Google's continual improvements of their Knowledge Graph are so interesting.

What exactly is the Knowledge Graph? We could bore you with a bunch of technical stuff (and you can read that here if you'd like), but we'll give you the short answer. Essentially, it's a way for Google to provide answers to questions directly in the search results. A panel opens on the right side of the page to show you information on the topic that you've searched - see below for an example.

Google Knowledge Graph

So, how can the Knowledge Graph benefit your business? As you can see from the sample image above, Google's name, logo, description, and social media profiles show up in the panel on the right when you search the word "google." Wouldn't it be nice if your company's information could appear like this in the search results too? Well, there's a way to help make that happen.

A lot of companies (including us) are running their websites with WordPress - a content management system that makes it easy to update and manage their site. SEO by Yoast is a very popular and highly recommended plugin to help you improve your search engine optimization. Our friends over at TrustWorkz recently wrote a great blog article explaining WordPress and their recommended plugins in further detail.

In Yoast's latest update, the settings allow you to input your company name, logo, and social media links for the Knowledge Graph. Yoast takes this information and makes it easier for Google to gather it. Google's algorithms are very complex and secretive, so there's no "sure thing" or guarantee that your company will come up in the Knowledge Graph results. But using this tool will certainly help your chances.

Google Knowledge Graph

In addition to the panel, there's also a scrolling bar that appears at the top for certain searches. In the image above, I searched for "nyc museums." Above the search results, there's a scrolling bar that shows museums frequently mentioned on the web. If you click on one of the images, more information about that museum appears. This visual and interactive experience makes the web better for users, and it can be a way for more potential customers to discover your business.

Google is working hard to take random data from the web and provide a more valuable user experience. If you use the tools at your disposal - like Yoast - then you'll be on the right path to improve Google search results for your business.

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