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Jumpstreet Launches Special Family Saturdays

Apr 10, 2015 12:23 PM



Business owners and entrepreneurs love giving back to the communities that support them, and Jumpstreet Indoor Trampoline Parks are no different. Starting this month, every Jumpstreet location will begin opening an hour early on the first Saturday of every month. This promotion is called "Special Family Saturdays" and the goal is to raise awareness for kids with special needs.

On Special Family Saturdays, the doors will open an hour early so families of special needs children can have an hour of play before the general public is admitted entry. "Families have shared with us that their children with developmental challenges feel more confident in their play when the park is less crowded," says Jumpstreet COO Mark Goldman. "We want all our young guests to have fun without interruption or judgment from others who may be unaware or may not understand children with different abilities." In addition to this exclusive play time, the company is also offering discounted rates for these families.

All 15 Jumpstreet locations - which span across 5 states - are participating in the Special Family Saturdays promotion. "We are a family-owned business and take pride in reaching out to the communities we serve," says Goldman. "Our friendly staff is looking forward to meeting new families and their children."

About Jumpstreet

In 2007, Tim Crawford opened the first Jumpstreet location in Thornton, CO. The company focuses on providing a place where everyone in the family can have fun together, and they've already grown to 15 locations across the country.

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