Community Outreach Events

May 13, 2015 7:20 AM

A couple weeks ago, we wrote a blog post about Jumpstreet offering Special Family Saturdays. As part of this promotion, every Jumpstreet location opens an hour early on the first Saturday of every month. This allows families of special needs children to have an hour of play (at a discounted rate) before the general public is admitted entry.

It's great to hear about businesses giving back and hosting community outreach events. We believe all entrepreneurs should host events like these throughout the year. Like most business owners, I'm sure you feel the sense of pride that comes from building a successful small business. You've worked hard to build the facility, but it's important to remember that you wouldn't be anywhere without the support of the customers in your community.

Another great example of this is from Cheryl Sentiff, owner of Kids-N-Play. She hosts a Special Needs Night at her facility once a month. During this event, families of special needs children get a night of private play - the facility is closed to the general public. It provides an atmosphere of fun, and families are surrounded by those who understand the challenges their special needs children face.

If you don't currently host any kind of special events for the community, it might be something you should consider in the future. These events provide a sense of personal accomplishment and karma. Plus, they can help provide exposure for your business - although exposure and PR coverage should not be the motivating factor here.

Thank you to all of our customers and readers who use their businesses to give back to their communities. If you have special community outreach events like the ones listed above, we'd love to hear about them! Email us at

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