October 1st EMV Liability Shift

Aug 4, 2015 12:17 PM

EMV Liability Shift

This is a message from Justin Falls, our Director of Operations.

Hi ​Friends,

Most of us by now have heard of the pending liability shift regarding EMV​ card processing​ coming October 1st​,​ 2015. I've had productive discussions lately with many of you about EMV, so this message will attempt to provide some clarification about next steps regarding how EMV processing relates to your software.

​Mercury Payment System customers​

Later this year we will release advanced security​ improvements​ through our​ existing​ integration with Mercury Payment Systems. The​ ​security​ improvements​ will provide end to end encryption (E2E) while allowing proper EMV handling through our software when a compatible EMV credit card device is used.

The major credit card companies are currently in the process of certifying EMV credit card readers, that process should be completed in the next few weeks. ​The Verifone Vx805 is the first device that will be coming to market that is EMV Capable​.

​Authorize.Net customers​

Customers using Authorize.Net will maintain current security levels, and your Authorize.Net processing through the software will continue as normal. We have no plans for future​​ security enhancements with Authorize.Net at this time. ​If you're interested in further reducing liability​, we encourage you to take a look at the advanced security features and potential cost savings Mercury can provide for you.

You can expect further communication​ from us​ once the credit card companies have finalized their​ hardware​ certification process for all EMV credit card readers. Please feel free to contact me directly should you have any questions about EMV processing​ or next steps​.​

We're in this together,

Justin Falls | Director of Operations
Agile Software and Marketing
(916) 634-1166
(0113) 459 1166 UK
(02) 8294 2116 AUS

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