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Share Your Story Contest Winner

Sep 11, 2015 2:41 PM

Share Your Story Winner

The entire team here at Party Center Software wants to say thank you! Last week we concluded our Share Your Story contest. To enter the contest, our customers submitted stories about how our software has positively impacted their business. We were blown away by the responses! Our team had to choose a winner, but your amazing stories made the process very difficult. After carefully reviewing all of the entries, the iPad prize was given to Clayton Seymore, General Manager of Richmond Underground (you can read his submission below).

If you didn't enter this contest, we still want to hear your feedback. Drop us an email ( or give us a call. We can't wait to hear from you!

Clayton Seymore, Richmond Underground

Richmond Underground has come a long way since our first point of sale solution. Party Center Software is our third (and final!) point of sale solution, and it has been miles ahead of the best. Our last POS was considered by many as the best for a Family Entertainment Center, but it was overly complex, required an extremely expensive computer, and failed in the category that Party Center Software has helped us the most; online party bookings.

In the year before we adopted Party Center Software, we booked maybe 5-6 parties, total, in the entire year. Now, it is not uncommon to check my mail and see 2-3 parties booked online since the last time I looked. The presentation and integration of online booking is second to none, and I love it! It makes my job easier, and when customers want detailed layouts of our packages, it's easy to refer them to our webpage - they can easily see the packages, times available, and then book (and select add ons!) with ease!

As far as a financial impact, I think that we get parties booked online we may have not gotten without Party Center Software, and this is invaluable. We save money as Party Center Software is at the right price, and much lower than the biggest competition, and I couldn’t ask for a better solution. My employees can check their schedules on their phones, and my employees that work off premises can clock in and out easily with a web browser.

I can’t imagine switching to another point of sale solution. Customer support has been endlessly helpful, and never failed to get us taken care of promptly regardless of the time of day. I am excited every time I get an email from Party Center Software, as it is either one of the amazing free webinars to help me with some aspect of my business, or a notification of the innovative new features that are being constantly added.

If we could go back in time, we would have selected Party Center Software from day one. The software continues to help us run our business well, and never stops pushing the envelope for new features - and for this, I am glad to give my business to Party Center Software. Thank you everyone at Party Center Software for being committed to delivering such a wonderful point of sale solution to us at Richmond Underground!

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