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Measure Goals From The Past

Oct 21, 2015 2:44 PM

Measure Goals

Today is "Back To The Future" day. Just about everyone is reviewing which predictions the movie got right, and which predictions the movie missed. This retrospective attitude gives us an opportunity to look at our own businesses. It's important to measure goals we set for ourselves, as well as check and verify our past market predictions.

Everyone has opinions on what will happen in their local market, how much their business will grow, and how their customers will change. It's easy to just make a prediction or set a goal. Sports analysts, news stations, and meteorologists make predictions all the time. The hard part is owning that prediction and achieving that goal.

Think about your business goals from 1 year ago, or 3 years, or even 10 years...did you achieve those goals? If you didn't, find out why. What could you have done better to get you closer to those goals? And if you did achieve your goals, think about pushing yourself and making your next goal a little harder to reach. But don't reach too far, because it's easy to skew the line between being ambitious and being unrealistic.

So let everyone else get caught up in the fanfare of "Back To The Future" day. Instead of complaining about the fact that we don't have hover-boards or flying cars you can spend your time being more productive: Measure goals from the past in order to improve your business in the future. Because unlike the movie, we can't fix the past. We can only learn from it.

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