Group Sales Tip - Getting Past the Gatekeeper

This Tip of the Week is provided by Beth Standlee of TrainerTainment.

Hi. Beth Standlee, CEO and Founder of TrainerTainment, and I have a great group sales tip for you today. As you're booking parties, it's so important to be able to get to the people you need to see. One of my favorite things to do with group sales when I'm having a hard time getting past the gatekeeper is to simply call a company I want to do business with and ask to speak to somebody in sales.

I promise you they'll put you through to somebody in sales, and the sales people in that building always know when the company is going to have a party. And they know who you need to talk to, and they can become your great advocate, because they're immediately connected to you because they are a sales person too. Hope that helps!

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