Party Center Software Celebrates 18th Anniversary

May 12, 2016 9:09 AM

18th Anniversary

Helping our customers deliver an amazing user experience one call or click at a time

On June 17th, Party Center Software’s parent company – Agile Software and Marketing – celebrates its 18th anniversary. Our staff is excited to celebrate the milestone with the President, Scott Drummond. Scott founded Agile Software and Marketing in 1998, back when Armageddon hit the movie theaters and My Heart Will Go On (by Celine Dion) was a number one song. Obviously, a lot has changed in 18 years.

Scott Drummond has always been an entrepreneur at heart, and Agile Software and Marketing began as a way to build websites for local companies. But before long, he started purchasing other businesses. One of those businesses was a small but growing indoor children’s entertainment center. He enjoyed running the entertainment center, but soon found that he needed a software solution to manage the business. When he couldn’t find any reasonable solutions, he used his entrepreneurial spirit to hire a developer and build his own.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Scott has always enjoyed serving others. He realized a lot of other entertainment operators needed a software like the one he developed, and Party Center Software was born. It was the perfect intersection of entrepreneurship and service, and Scott knew his product could have a huge impact on other business owners. He dedicated his time and resources to improving the software in order to help his customers become more successful. The more success his customers achieved, the more they talked about the product - it became a positive feedback loop.

In the past few years, we've grown in size quite a bit, adding new offices, international clients, and many more staff members. Today we have hundreds of customers around the world with employees working in three different states. We began with the goal of serving indoor play centers, and now serve every kind of entertainment facility from bowling centers to water parks.

While we've grown, the core philosophy of our company has stayed the same: Helping our customers deliver an amazing user experience one call or click at a time. This is the North Star of our company that guides every decision we make. We have a lot of plans for the future, and we can't wait to see how they improve the user experience.

Thank you to all of our customers. Your support allows us to continue developing new software features, and we are excited to help even more entertainment operators in the future.

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