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Dan Kelly
Aug 28, 2018 12:36 PM

Imagine a world where the weather negatively impacts your business.

The sun slants sideways through the floor-to-ceiling windows and lights up the dust that's settled atop your arcade games and party tables. 

You know that the planet will continue to spin and that Fall then Winter will return like old friends that spent the summer at their lake house. With Fall and Winter the revenue will return also. The wind, rain and snow will drive kids and families back to your business. 

But it doesn't feel right for your Party Bookings to dip every time the sun comes out. You know you need to market harder when business is slower and maybe you tried some new things: A boosted Facebook post. A Google Adwords Campaign. Some post cards. A page in a local magazine. 

Did it work? How do you know? 

This is the hurdle that trips up most FEC's. It's not that they don't want to try some new marketing strategies. It's the difficulty of knowing whether or not they work. 

Remember in high school math class when you could find all the answers in the back of the book? Google Analytics is the back of the book. It has all the answers. And it's free. Here are three reasons why you should add it to your website:


1. Google Analytics Will Establish Your Baseline

Without knowing where you started it's impossible to know how far you've come.

In Google Analytics you will clearly see where your traffic comes from. Does it come from Google? Does it come from Facebook? (A lot of people think their traffic comes from Facebook and then realize it's under 5%) 

Once you know what your baseline is you'll be able to strategize your next steps. Here are some examples of how that might look:

  • Example #1: A Laser Tag facility realizes that only 20% of their traffic comes from Google Organic Searches. They also notice that they do not show up in a Google Search for "Birthday Parties" or "Laser Tag." Now they know for certain that changes need to be made to the website in order to make sure they grow their organic traffic and show up in the right google searches. 


  • Example #2: A Trampoline Park has a great Facebook page. They spend a lot of time adding photos and updates. They assume that most of their website traffic comes from Facebook. In their Google Analytics they see that only 3.7% of their traffic comes from Facebook. They are shocked and appalled. Now they know they have to change their strategy. It's time to start doing some paid Facebook marketing if they want to increase Party Bookings. 

2. Google Analytics Will Show You Which Channels To Optimize

Just knowing where your traffic comes from is not enough. If you get 1000 visitors a month from Google and only 1% of them are purchasing a party then there is no point in driving more traffic with your existing strategy. 

It's time to optimize. Here's how Google Analytics helps with optimization:

  • You can track every website visitor from the beginning to the end of their journey on your website. You will be able to see, for example, how many customers came to your site via Facebook and ended up booking an event. If that percentage is high (anything above 7% is high) then you know this is a good channel and you should continue to invest in it. If that percentage is low. You know you need to fix something. 
  • Google Analytics shows you which pages on your website are not performing well. One way to see this is by looking at the Bounce Rate. This is a stat that measures the percentage of people who get to a certain page on your website and then leave right away. It's as if the page is some sour fruit a child spits out to avoid enduring. 

Once you know that a certain page on your website (hopefully not the Parties Page) has a high bounce rate then you can start to fix it by adding images or shrinking the amount of text or making it more mobile friendly.

Ask your customers what they think of that page. Ask them what information they would like to see. It's amazing how helpful they can be. 

3. We Will Set Up Your Google Analytics For You (For Free) 

Boom! Now you have no excuses!

We know how busy you are. And we know how important this is. Which is why we're willing to do it for you. This service may not be free forever. But it is free right now.

We would really like for you to take advantage. 

Our intentions are not entirely philanthropic. Yes, this company was founded with the intention of helping FEC's to grow and thrive. Yes, we all take great pleasure in supporting the presence of FEC's in communities around the world. Yes, we occasionally play laser tag on our days off. This is all true. 

But it's also in our best interest for your business to book more parties. Our business only does well when you do well. This is why it's so important to us that we do what we can to make sure you meet your party booking goals. 

If you're a PCS customer and would like to have us work with you to get your Analytics added to your site simply sign up for our Customer Success Program here. Our plan is to get the analytics set up, to help you evaluate the data, and then to help you implement the strategy that will help you book more parties. 

If one of your business goals is to book more parties then Google Analytics should be one of your first stops. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out and ask questions if any of this did not make sense. We know that the language can be a little too techy sometimes and we're happy to clarify everything over the phone. 

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