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6 Summer Program Ideas to Help You Create New Revenue Streams

Eileen Hawkins
May 24, 2019 1:55 PM

Ahh, revenue streams. These words evoke the feeling of floating down a lazy river in an inner tube.

The problem is, some families are planning trips to all over the country during the summer break. When I ran three facilities, we had to get pretty creative with summer programs that targeted the "staycationers."

Here are some ideas that were a success and some experimental ones you can test out:

1. "Let Us Be Your Rain Date"

Since our locations were indoor FECs, we not only prayed for rain, we capitalized on it. The basic premise of this program is giving planners of outdoor trips a last-minute venue to salvage the field trip whenever there was a torrential downpour.

I targeted all youth enrichment programs, every YMCA, and past schools in my customer database to let them know this service was available.

Our staff was always prepared to receive a bus full of kids. This influx of guests was also a welcome source of sales on our slow days.

2. End of Season Sports Banquet

The target customer for this summer program was league soccer coaches. For other seasons, you can target softball, baseball, and football coaches as well.

Our value proposition was to give a fun way to reward the kids for all their hard work in a venue with a large room for the award ceremonies.

I would contact the league organization to get the names and emails of all the coaches. It also helped that I was involved in the local sports community when my kids were growing up.

3. Summer Passes

When we were slow and needed cash, our go-to program was a promotional offer that let guests come in any time in the next eight weeks for one low price.

We targeted every customer on our social channels and emails along with Facebook Ads to reach first time guests. Use this when you're in a pickle.

4. Date Night/Parent's Night Out

What I love about this program is the fact that you're speaking to the parents who don't have families nearby to babysit the kids for a few hours. This time away gives them a chance to enjoy a movie, dinner, and get some time to themselves.

5. Summer Camps

A week-long program that gives working parents a place where their kids can play all day and pick them up after work. Keep in mind there's a significant amount of research needed, but this is worth exploring.

Check out this guide on starting an after-school program for more information.

6. Kids Bowl Free and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Referrals are a vital source of customers. We found great success with Kids Bowl Free and the local Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Get Busy!

As with any offer, the best approach is knowing who you're trying to attract. Once you identify your target customer, be sure to create a compelling value proposition. Add a little elbow grease to your outreach, and you'll be on your way to getting much-needed sales in the summer.

If you have other ideas, please share it on our Facebook Group. Our community is always willing to share their opinions as well.

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