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Win a Sponsorship to Amusement 360: Instagram Reels by PCS

In our latest Instagram Reel, we share how to enter our raffle to win a free premium in-person sponsorship to Amusement 360!

Are you interested in the chance to win a FREE premium in-person sponsorship to Amusement 360?

Our friends at Creative Works are hosting an incredible 3-day event you won't want to miss. We’d like to invite you to Amusement 360 happening in Indianapolis, Indiana on August 16th-18th.

Check out our reel to learn more!

Win a Sponsorship to Amusement 360: Instagram Reels by PCS 

We share Party Center Software's Amusement 360 raffle in our latest Instagram Reel.

Our Instagram Reels series is all about sharing fun and quick informational videos about the family entertainment industry.

Why a sponsorship raffle for Amusement 360?

Party Center Software is invested in your growth! The Amusement 360 Event is the best place to learn from experts and get the tools you need to grow your business.

we’re offering a limited number of sponsorships to those who apply via raffle. 

Do you want to be trained by an industry expert? Don’t miss out on this huge opportunity, apply now! The sponsorship raffle will open beginning today, July 13th, at 9 am EST and has been extended to Wednesday, July 27th until 9 am EST.

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Upcoming Webinar: Emergency Planning

In our upcoming webinar, we'll discuss emergency planning best practices with Eileen Hawkins and Danielle Hardin, PCS Customer Success Managers, and former FEC managers/operators! 

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Webinar 46 - Emergency Planning - CTA Blog

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