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[On-Demand Webinar] Actionable Marketing Tips to Prepare for a Successful Comeback

Mar 19, 2020 10:33 AM

As an FEC owner or manager, you should always be looking for creative ways to not only consistently get new customers through your doors, but having them come back again and again.

With daily life being so fast-paced much of the time, it can be
hard to focus on this when you're trying to keep up with the busy day-to-day at your facility. That's why, instead of thinking of slower times at your facility as "the glass being half-empty," it's important to use these times as an opportunity for you to work on increasing business at your FEC.

We live in such a technologically-advanced society right now, why not take advantage of that to help your business grow, especially if you're going through a time when the doors to your FEC may not be able to be open?
One of the best ways to acquire new customers and increase the amount of return business is through digital prospecting. Capturing customer data is a key component to having a thriving business, and being able to do so digitally allows businesses to conduct their marketing more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

In our on-demand webinar, Brave the Storm: Actionable Marketing Tips to Prepare for a Successful Comeback, we'll hear from Adam Russell, Director of Sales at Hownd. If you tuned into our previous webinar with Adam, Collecting Customer Data: The Shift to Personalization in Marketing, we'll be diving even deeper into areas of focus such as process development and marketing strategy, sharing tactics you can use to market to your target audience, and re-market to previous customers.

Working on building your customer base during a forced downtime—such as what we've been experiencing with mandated FEC closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak—is a great way to make sure your business comes back booming when you're able to open up shop again.

You'll learn how to create the type of marketing emails that inspire your target customers to take action, which is what every business owner wants, right?! We'll also reveal what kind of information you should collect from your audience, as well as the opportune time to capture it.

We know running a business isn't easy—that's why we're here to support you! Take time to separate from the chaos and let us help you evaluate the best ways to promote your business and set your FEC up for long-term success.

Click here or the image below to watch the on-demand webinar.

On-Demand Webinar: Brave the Storm: Actionable Marketing Tips to Prepare for a Successful Comeback

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