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Facility Maintenance Tips to Keep Your FEC Safe and Fun

Facility Maintenance Tips to Keep Your FEC Safe and Fun

Apr 16, 2020 8:45 AM

As an FEC owner or manager, you've probably invested a good chunk of change into an attraction or two, as well as everything else that makes your center a place where your customers come to enjoy themselves.

As such, it should be important to you to make sure you're keeping up with the proper care of your equipment, right?

Proper facility maintenance extends the life of your investments and more importantly, you'll be doing your best to avoid breakdowns or malfunctions this way.

Mismanaged equipment can result in attractions and other parts of your center being unusable, causing you to lose money on potential passes you could have sold—or worse, your attraction could breakdown while guests are on it/playing. This kind of safety emergency will not only look bad on your facility, it could open up a whole "can of worms" in regard to your liability if someone gets hurt due to your lack of upkeep.

Following are a few facility maintenance tips for you to keep in mind to ensure your doing your best to make your family entertainment center a safe, clean, and fun place for all to enjoy.

Facility Maintenance Tips
for Keeping Your Family Entertainment Center in
Tip-Top Shape

  • Keep a log. Whether your own staff is in charge of your facility maintenance, you outsource this task, or your do a combination of both, make sure you keep a detailed record of when the maintenance and/or cleaning was performed, what attraction or piece of equipment was worked on, and if there was anything that needed extra attention or a replacement part.

    This will not only give you proof that worked was performed, having the date recorded will also let you know when to schedule the next maintenance appointment.

  • Perform facility maintenance regularly. As mentioned in the last point, you should make sure you're keeping a dated log of whenever work is performed on anything inside your facility so you'll know when it's time for another round of maintenance.

    But how do you know when the next time your attractions need maintenance next? Use your resources! Large attractions should likely come with some type of owners manual, and there's sure to be a surplus of information on the internet on maintenance best practices for each specific attraction or structure you own.

  • Do your research. You're likely not going to be first person to own your particular attraction(s), nor will you be the last either.

    So do your research!

    Use resources on the web such as the attraction's website or product reviews and see what they say. Additionally, use peers in your industry—even competitors!—and ask if there are any common issues or things to pay close attention to, especially if you have a new attraction that you're not familiar with.

    You might be surprised at the recommendation to ask your competitors for advice, however, you'll be even more surprised with the helpful advice you're likely to get from them. You may vie for customers, but no good person or business owner would withhold useful information that could prevent guests from getting hurt.

  • Clean your facility often and properly. Whether it's the counter-tops in your commercial kitchen, inflatables, go-karts, adventure ropes or bowling alley floors, not every attraction can—or should— be cleaned the same way. Make sure to use the recommended cleaning products for each material and/or surface. Taking care of the investments you've made into your facility will prevent things such as rust jamming the steering wheels or your go karts, and prevent rapid fraying and dirt buildup on your adventure ropes.

    Simply taking care of your facility correctly is one of the easiest ways to increase your revenue! The less money you have to spend fixing maintenance emergencies that could be avoided, the more you have to reward your loyal employees with an appreciation dinner, to invest in that new attraction you've
    been eyeing for months, or perhaps the new paint job in the restrooms you've been wanting to get to for...well, for who
    knows how long!

  • Perform maintenance unobtrusively. One of the biggest disappointments a guest could experience coming in to your facility is to walk towards their favorite game or attraction, only to see it's "SHUT DOWN FOR ROUTINE MAINTENANCE."

    Not only were they looking forward to a day of fun that won't be ALL they'd hoped for at the start of their visit, adults will see this as a lack of planning on your part or as a way to cover up a deeper issue. If it truly is time for routine maintenance on a specific attraction, plan to have it performed after operating hours. Even if you have to close a few hours early one day, it's better than losing out on even more potential revenue from customers who came for the full experience.

    If you're able to service more than one attraction at once, DO IT! Even if it's a week or two earlier than is needed for one, it's much wiser to reduce the amount of time your attractions are unavailable to the public. And keep in mind, honesty is the best policy. If you're experiencing a greater issue with a certain attraction inside your facility, don't try to cover it up. Create a sign explaining that this particular area isn't usable because it's in need of a replacement part. These things happen, and your guests will understand!

    Consider going the extra mile and use your facility management software to send out an email to your local and loyal customers explaining the situation, or have your staff at the welcome desk relay the information before passes are purchased. Your guests will be so appreciative of your commitment to giving them the best experience, that even if they decide to come back another day because their favorite ride is closed, they'll definitely be coming back once it's back up and running.

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