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3 Ideas for Summer Family Fun at Your Laser TAG Facility

Jun 23, 2020 9:00 AM

Finally it's here—school vacation!

As a kid, you're thrilled and excited for a summer full of fun.

As a parent, you're wondering "What can we do to keep them entertained?!"

As an FEC owner or operator, especially if you're an indoor laser TAG facility, you're used to the summer months being a slower time for your business, as many families choose to take advantage of the nice weather and spend their time doing outside activities.

It doesn't have to be like this!

As a laser TAG facility, you have an advantage over other types of family entertainment centers for providing summer fun for families, as laser TAG is an activity that appeals to kids of ALL ages!

Following are three ideas for summer family fun to help your
laser TAG facility to increase traffic and revenue during the
summer months.

3 Ideas for Summer Family Fun
at Your Laser TAG Facility

1. Family Reunion Laser TAG Parties

With most kids out of school, the summer months are a great time for family reunions.

As part of your marketing efforts, include a promotion for a Family Reunion Laser TAG party or competition!

Attach blank PDF downloads of team roster lists and tournament brackets, like you would for March Madness or fantasy football, so families can get excited and plan out their day before they arrive!

Playing Laser TAG is a great way to involve the entire family in a summer fun activity, and if they decide to make it into a competition, it's a family activity that can last the whole day. This is a fun and easy option for families since they don't have to think of multiple activities to keep relatives occupied throughout the day.

It's also beneficial for you as the FEC owner or operator, as an all-day event provides opportunities for added revenue, such as if they purchase food, or decide to choose prizes for the winning team from your online store or redemption center.

2. End-of-Summer Laser TAG Party to "Meet Your Classmates"

Many kids, especially young ones, are excited to return back to school, but nervous to meet their new teacher and are unsure if their same friends from last year are going to be in their class the following year.

A "Meet Your New Class" Laser TAG party is a great summer family fun activity to promote for the end of summer!

Each grade can have their own assigned party day so the game sessions are fair according to age groups, and each team can be determined by what students are members of individual classrooms.

Parents and their children have the opportunity to meet their child's new teacher, as well as get acquainted with new classmates before the school year officially begins. Friendly competition is a summer fun idea that always "breaks the ice" in new or uncomfortable situations, and an event like this is a wonderful idea for putting everyone at ease going into the new school year.

3. Run Family Fun Day Discounts All Summer Long

As part of your social media marketing efforts or email newsletters, include discount promotions for families.

Consider offering half-price tickets for adults if they come with their children. This summer family fun idea is exciting for kids (because what kid wouldn't be excited to CRUSH their mom or dad in an intense game of Laser TAG?!?) and it provides you the potential for additional revenue if the parent joins in on the fun!

(Note: You'll want to be sure to designate special booking times for these types of games in your online booking module.)

Hosting these types of games is great for summer family fun, as it allows different families to meet each other, and if they end up becoming friends, they'll always remember where they met each other. This provides a likely chance they'll continue returning to your facility as a place for family fun beyond the summer months, and refer their friends and family to visit your facility as well.

Be the Source for Summer Family Fun

The ideas for summer family fun at your laser TAG facility are just a few ways you can increase revenue during the commonly slower summer months.

If you're an owner or operator of a Laser TAG facility, what ideas for summer family fun do YOU have or currently promote?
Let us know in the comments section at the bottom of this blog post—we'd love to hear!

Promote Year-Round Family Fun

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