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Finding the Fountain of Youth: A Recap of IAAPA 2016

Yosuke Carter
Nov 23, 2016 7:38 AM

Finding the fountain of youth at IAAPA 2016

What if I told you that I found the Fountain of Youth?

It’s not the magical water that cures sickness and reverses the aging process. It’s more powerful than that—and a lot easier to find than you think.

There are plenty of health advice to help you look young again, so I’m going to share my experiences on how to feel young again. After all, experiences shape beliefs.

How I discovered my fountain of youth

A few years ago, I spent a weekend in Glenwood Springs, Colorado with some friends.

My wife, Angela asked me if I wanted to go down the water slide. “No thanks,” I quickly replied. 

Angela has a knack for getting me to do things that I don’t want to do, so I gave in. Here’s what happened…

Maybe it was the smell of chlorine, the sensation of zipping down the slide, combined with memories of one of my favorite summer activities from grade school.

Whatever it was, the experience made me feel like a kid again.

A recap of the 2016 IAAPA Attractions and Expo

There were a lot of things I was looking forward to at IAAPA 2016, but nothing could have prepared me for the rich environment and amazing experience.

Seeing all the new attractions and playing the cool games took me back to the days when I used to go to arcades at the local shopping mall.

Here are some highlights from the show:

We saw T-Rex on the Ninja Warrior course…

Our friends at Creative Works won the Best Exhibit Award...

The Fab 5 VIP Bash was a hit!


We all start out as strangers and end up making connections #iae16

A video posted by Party Center Software (@partycentersoftware) on

Our very own Nick Salfity dominated the Ninja Warrior course...

Joey Fatone was there…

Of course, there was a dance party at booth #1643...

As an exhibitor, it was great to connect with our partners and customers. It was also inspiring to hear about all the great ideas for new facilities that people were thinking about opening.

We truly do work in an amazing industry that creates memorable experiences for kids and helps parents find their own fountain of youth.

Now over to you

Pablo Picasso once said, “It takes a long time to become young.” The older we get, the more we forget about the importance of feeling young again.

My hope is that my message inspires you to find your own fountain of youth.

Do the things that you loved to do as a kid. Laugh uncontrollably while doing it.

If you’re a veteran of IAAPA shows, I hope you are able to see it from a whole new perspective next year. If you’ve never been to IAAPA, I would highly recommend you go next year.

There’s a good chance you’ll find me there playing the video games or jumping on trampolines.

Join the Party Center Academy and keep the mind young

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