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Fixing Your Website - It's Easier Than You Think

Dan Kelly
Apr 2, 2018 3:46 PM


In my role at Party Center Software I look at hundreds of Family Event Center websites every day. Some of them are impressive. Most of them are not.

An underwhelming website will definitely cost you money. But even a bad website is better than no website at all. Many of the companies that we work with spend months waiting for their website to be built. In the meantime, they wrestle with landlines, excel sheets, #2 pencils and papers to try and keep track of party reservations.

This is a huge missed opportunity. The good news is: Solutions abound. 

10 years ago building a website was very difficult. 5 years ago it got a little easier. Today, anybody can build a website.

Here are three platforms that allow you to build your own website in a matter of days:

For Hopeless Non-Tech Savvy Folks: WIX

I built my first website on Wix without having the slightest clue what I was doing. It simply involves a lot of clicking and dragging as well as some trial and error. It took me about 2 days before I was ready to share the site. 

For those of you who don't know Wix is a website development platform that does all the hard labor for you. They've built out tons of different website templates so you are not starting from scratch. 

All you do is click on this link, look at the “Templates.” Choose the one you like. (Notice that they show you how the template will look on mobile, which is a huge deal.)

Next, you start adding in your own language and your own photos until the site properly represents your company. You can do all of this without even spending a dollar. 

When you feel like the website is good enough you can buy the “Unlimited Plan” for $14/month. That sure beats paying $10K to some dude you’ve never met to build a site and hold you hostage for every change you want to make. 

For Slightly Less Hopeless Tech Folks: Square Space  

I built my second and third websites on Square Space. The reason being that they had more beautiful templates and better tech support than Wix. This option probably works for the most hopeless people as well. Square Space is a little more robust than Wix and for that reason I find it slightly intimidating. 

The process is the same. Pick a template. And start building. They give you a two-week free trial (which is plenty of time to get a basic version of your site built). And you know for a fact that it will look good on mobile.

It’s $18/month for a business website. In addition to the ease of construction, the beauty and the price I think a huge value proposition for using Wix or Square Space is that you're able to make adjustments to your site in a matter of moments. For example, if you wanted to change the copy on your online booking button from "Book Now" to "Book Online Now!" you could do it in under 3 minutes without needing help from anyone.  

For Mildly Confident Tech Folks: Wordpress

Wordpress powers over 30% of the internet. It is, without question, the most used platform for building a website. It allows for much more flexibility than either Wix or Squarespace. There are tons more options. Which could create more confusion for some people (myself included).

There are so many different templates. We recommend Enfold. But there are tons. I like the Salient theme. And I use WP Engine as my web host because they work exclusively with WordPress and I find that makes things go much smoother. 

A business site costs $25/month. If you have the chops to wrestle a WordPress site into submission then this definitely offers the most value of the three options I've highlighted. 

Other Website Requirements

Most of you probably already own your domain. If you want to rebuild your site building one of these platforms you simply ask google “How to point my domain at a wix website.” Or to a SquareSpace siteOr to a wordpress site

Some of you are just getting started and still need to buy our domain. GoDaddy is the incumbent shop for buying domains. You can buy domains through Google now

The truth is there are tons of places to buy from. But I would go with one of the Big Dogs to make sure there is plenty of support and documentation for how to integrate. 

The Role of Your Website In Your Business

Your website is a Sales & Marketing tool. It’s not just some sterile reference point.

We know that a significant chunk of FEC revenue is generated with online sales. Which means your website directly impacts your revenue potential. Your site should look and feel at least as nice as your facility. 

I’m sure you agree with me. I’m sure you want your website to look great. But you thought it was too expensive or too time consuming to achieve. Hopefully this article has convinced you otherwise.

Website development is so much easier than most people realize. I don't mean to say that it's easy. Because even with the pre-built templates provided by the above companies, it still takes time to perfect your font, your copy and your photos. But the website does not take months to build and you shouldn't let it get in the way of your revenue. 

If you have follow-up questions about building a website redesign strategy do not hesitate to reach out to your customer success manager. We would all be happy to help get you started. 

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