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6 Simple Ways to Increase Event Revenue Through Upselling

Eileen Hawkins
Jun 18, 2019 9:00 AM

If you’re wondering how to increase event revenue through upselling, you’ve come to the right place!

"You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take."
-Wayne Gretzky

Whether your customer called, walked in the door, or booked online, you have an opportunity to create a lasting memory that they’ll love. So take the shot!

What does it mean to increase event revenue by up-selling or cross selling ?

Up-selling is encouraging the purchase of another product or service to increase revenue.

For example, a party might come for one activity and food for ten guests. So, in order to increase event revenue, you might consider up-selling some additional food for the adults, offering extra money on players cards, or by offering guest goodie bags.  

Cross-selling is the suggestion of any other product to be purchased in conjunction with the primary product. Say a Laser Tag party is purchased. You might suggest adding a lane of bowling or another activity.

Or, in this scenario you could also up-sell by suggesting the Ultimate Laser Tag party instead!

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 7.00.23 PMSource: Groove

If you aren’t up-selling your customers, you won’t be able to maximize your revenue.

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend the following: 70% of your revenue from customer acquisition and 30% from up-selling your customers.

So, now that you’ve decided to take the “shot” to up-sell to your current customers, let’s explore some simple ways to accomplish our goal!

Increase Event Revenue Online

Increase your party bookings by allowing your customers to book online 24/7. This way your customers can up-sell themselves!

Take a good look at your website and make sure all images in the buyer’s journey meet this criteria. It’s also worthwhile to reach out to past customers, industry experts, and even friends to get a second opinion about your images and party packages.

Are they appealing? Do the images draw customers in? Do the descriptions make people want to click that “book now” button?

Here are three things to consider:

1. Images

“A picture is worth a 1000 words” - so make sure they’re the correct words!

Your images should let the customer know how clean your facility is and how much fun the family will have once they arrive. But don’t worry! It’s super easy to accomplish this goal. We all have cameras on our phones these days, oftentimes better than our old digital cameras!

Click here for some tips from the NYTimes on how to take a great photo for your website.

2. Descriptions

It’s also important to ensure that your product descriptions paint the correct picture too.

Highlight all the features that make your party and products special.

For example, if your pizza dough is hand tossed and not frozen, be sure to say, “Freshly made-to-order, hand tossed pizza, gluten free,” or whatever wonderful features you have to offer.

It’s also worth noting how many slices are including in each large pizza so your customers can plan ahead. Including small details like pizza slices will also help you to up-sell or cross-sell other food items!

3. Google Analytics

If you haven’t thought about Google Analytics for a while, now is the time! Perhaps you’ve logged in, but haven’t optimized your website for party booking conversions.

Or, maybe you’re not sure where to start - that’s okay! Optimizing your website using Google Analytics is easier than you’d think. Click here to check out these 8 Google Analytics Reports and how to use them to improve your party sales funnel.

Increase Event Revenue In-House

Now that we’ve explored how to increase event revenue online, let’s talk about some ways to improve revenue in-house.

Here are three simple ways:

1. Scripts and “Go-To” Lines

Take some time this week and map out exactly what specific product or service you're going to up-sell with which product you're selling. And then stick to that and pitch it over and over again! This way, your team will be ready as soon as the customer agrees to book the party.

Fun fact: oftentimes customers are in the mood to buy during party time. After all, throwing or attending a party is fun! And guess what? You’re the expert when it comes to creating a fun party, so don’t be shy in showing them your excitement!

Don’t have time to come up with scripts? Our friends over at TrainerTainment have developed some awesome ones. Check out this article: A Recipe for Selling  

Examples of “Go-To” Lines:

“To make Johnny’s party even easier and more fun, would you like to add a Pinata filled with candy and toys or add an additional $5 on the players cards? It would only be $2.50 for each child. Do you think Johnny would prefer the Pinata or additional $5 on game cards?“

“Do you plan on feeding the adults? If so, I just had our wings for lunch and they are really delicious! Would you like to add a platter for the adults?”

Final note: be sure to be honest and not pushy!

2. Training for Staff

Be sure your staff is well-trained on how to operate and make all attractions fun for the customers. And, how to up-sell and cross-sell.

One easy way to kickoff a new promotion to “up-sell“ would be to conduct a Triathlon Staff Training Event that will allow them to experience the attractions and learn how to use them correctly.

Don’t forget to include the food you want them to up-sell so they can honestly tell the customer how delicious it is and why it should be added to the party.

The employee Triathlon Staff Training Event will not only build excitement, but it will also provide ownership of the experience they’re providing and build team camaraderie.

3. Sales Contests

To make sure your team is excited about up-selling, having a few friendly sales contests for your staff is another great way to incentivize them.

Be sure to offer great prizes like gift cards from other local business, or whatever motives your team. Hmm, maybe the manager cleaning the party room!

I hope you enjoyed these tips, and they help you to increase event revenue.

Looking for more ways to maximize revenue at your FEC? Click here or on the image below to download our complimentary guide, 3 Simple Ways to Improve Revenue at Your Family Entertainment Center.

Complimentary eBook: 3 Simple Ways to Improve Revenue at Your Family Entertainment Center

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