Marketing Automation: How to Engage Your Audience

In this article, we share two ways you can improve your marketing automation.

In order to engage your customers with the digital content that you create, you should consider automating your marketing activities wherever possible. Automation improves your consistency, and by doing so, you remain top-of-mind. 

Marketing automation also frees you up to do other things, like think of more innovative ways to market to your customers!

Marketing Automation: How to Engage Your Audience

Here are two ways you can automate your marketing activities. 

Email Automation

If you’re a Party Center Software customer, you can pull various reports from your software about your customers. For instance, our Customer Detail Report provides you with an overview of customer accounts at your facility. Through this report, you can collect all of your customer emails and add them into an email marketing platform like Constant Contact or Mailchimp.

In your monthly or weekly newsletter, you can share promos, upcoming events, blog posts, and more!

Using our reports feature, you can personalize your emails even further by compiling a report based on birthday month or the last time a customer visited your facility, and send specific emails with an offering or promo code to get those customers to come back to your facility.

Social Media Automation

There are a lot of social media automation tools you can use to manage and ramp up your posting activities. Platforms like HootSuite, SproutSocial, CoSchedule and Facebook Scheduler are just a few of many you can use. 

They include a posting calendar, allow you to schedule one post on multiple platforms, and usually provide specific RSS feeds from different sources that make re-sharing content a breeze. In addition to this, you can check trends on social media directly from any one of these platforms. 

Depending on the platform, it’s important to post at minimum once a day if not more. 

Click here to look at the following data for current detailed recommendations on popular times and frequency for each social media platform. 

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