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4 Outdoor Attractions to Increase Your FEC Revenue [New Resource!]

Jul 14, 2020 12:45 PM

Whether you're battling a slow summer season at your family entertainment center or facing capacity restrictions put in place due to current events, there are numerous ways you can think outside the box and continue to provide a fantastic customer experience for your guests and simultaneously increase your
FEC revenue as well.

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One of the largest untapped areas for revenue is the capitalization of your own outside space, or that of your community!

In our complimentary guide, 4 Outdoor Attractions to Increase Your FEC Revenue, we share four ideas for outdoor attractions your family entertainment center should consider implementing to increase your revenue potential.

We understand that not every family entertainment center will have the capability to implement the ideas provided, but we hope that this guide serves as resource of inspiration and creativity for what your facility can do to increase revenue and continue being successful!

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