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3 Party Promotion Tips to Increase Online Booking

3 Party Promotion Tips to Increase Online Booking

Tonya Barnett
May 12, 2020 9:15 AM

Regardless of how long you’ve owned or operated a family entertainment center, you always have room to grow!

Society and the economy are ever-changing, and for your business to continue to be successful, you need to constantly be open to new ideas and ways to increase your revenue, especially through online party booking.

In order to do this, you need to promote your party packages and effectively market the different options you provide! While there are countless things you can do, following are 3 party promotion tips to help you increase online party bookings and grow
your revenue.

3 Party Promotion Tips to Increase Online Booking

1. Utilize Your Facility Management Software

One of, if not the most basic step to set yourself up for party promotion success (and quite frankly, FEC success overall) is to have a facility management software that’s connected to your website.

The great thing about having one is that it has a customer database with the ability to store important details, such as the names and contact information of all your previous guests.

If you’re looking to increase online party bookings, especially for a certain time period, consider using your database as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to engage with your customers! Run a report of all previous guests who have birthdays during the preferred timeline you’re looking to increase bookings for, and send a party promotion email to that subset of individuals.

Offer a special discount or incentive for anyone who books a party online with you during that time! Even if these guests weren’t planning on booking a party originally, your promotion and incentive extended especially to them certainly will give your customers a reason to reconsider!

Giving your customers the ability to navigate to your online booking page straight from your party promotions is key. Include the direct link to your online booking module in all of your party promotions. Your customers want minimal steps and the least amount of complications necessary to complete their goal of booking a party.

2. Keep Your Website Up-to-Date and Use It        to Advertise Current Party Promotions

Use your facility’s website as a platform to extensively promote any public events you’re running. Promote that event throughout your site, such as a banner at the top or bottom of each page, or adding the promotion to the top of your home page, ensuring all your visitors will see the opportunity.

Consider offering a discount as part of your party promotion for anyone who books a private party with you during the event!

When doing this, it’s important to make sure your party package descriptions and prices are updated before you advertise anything to the public. The last thing you want is to give your guests false information that could end up in disappointment and potentially a lost party booking!

To download a calendar full of event ideas you can run throughout the year, click here!

It’s also important to make sure your party package descriptions and prices are updated before you advertise anything to the public. The last thing you want is to give your guests false information that could end up in disappointment and potentially a lost party booking!

3. Take Advantage of the Popularity
    of Social Media

It seems like everyone is on social media these days. We highly recommend having a business account for your FEC on all major social channels, or as many of them as you can comfortably manage.

Facebook gives you the ability to create specific events on their platform and invite all of your regular customers and as many local businesses and individuals as you can find. It’s a great place to share monthly and weekly reminders for the public events we just discussed, as well as continue to promote the incentive you’re offering for anyone who books a private party.

Consider running a contest on Instagram for guests to post their favorite party picture during the past year or a short Tik-Tok video of them having a wonderful time with their family.

Direct them to use a specific hashtag catered towards/referencing your FEC in their entries. This will make the entries easy to find and lead to others who have yet to participate to become curious. Let them know you'll be choosing a lucky winner (or several winners) and providing them with a generous discount code for any party package booked online.

Do you have any network partners or local business friends? Use LinkedIn and Facebook to connect with other businesses in your community. Ask them to help you promote your party package deals, and in return, you’ll promote their product or service on your social media channels.

Twitter is also a great platform for quick reminders and party promotions! Tweet a funny picture or party meme with an incentive to book an event with you! Include the link to your online booking module right in the tweet, so there’s no unnecessary work involved for your audience if they want to take advantage of your offer.

What Party Promotions Have You Tried?

What successful party promotions have you tried? We'd love to hear! Join our Party Center Community group on Facebook to share your experience and advice with the FEC community!

For event ideas organized by month that you can successfully promote and run throughout the year, download our Monthly Events Calendar!

Click here or on the image below to download your complimentary copy now!
Complimentary Guide: Monthly Events Calendar - A Year-Round, Fun-At-A-Glance Resource for Event Opportunities at Your Facility

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