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[New Guide] The PCS 'Pocket' Guide to a Successful FEC Reopening

May 7, 2020 10:08 AM

The unexpected global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus unfortunately led to closures of businesses around the world, and consequently, placed a significant strain on both our personal and business lives.


Everyone at Party Center Software is dedicated to helping the Family Entertainment Industry bounce back from the economic strain this outbreak has had on each of your businesses as well as the industry as a whole.

As everyone looks forward to family entertainment centers opening their doors again—which has already slowly begun to happen for a select number of you—we want to make sure we're doing everything possible to ensure you're set up for success so your facility can bounce back from this economic setback.

One way we're making sure we do this is through our newest complimentary resource, The PCS "Pocket" Guide to a Successful FEC Reopening. In it, we share a collection of potential scenarios and business aspects to keep in mind as you prepare to welcome guests back into your family entertainment center.

We also share advice on how to effectively utilize your facility management software to increase new and repeatable business, so you're able to work towards reaching your revenue goals (albeit likely adjusted) for this year.

While this guide may not technically be pocket-sized, our goal is for you to figuratively keep this information "in your back pocket," and let the insights shared in it help you to keep your sights on FEC success.

We're grateful to be able to help as you continue on this unexpected journey and know you'll come out of this on top!

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The PCS Pocket Guide to a Successful FEC Reopening

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