The 2018 Online Party Booking Study is Here [New Data]

Yosuke Carter
Mar 25, 2019 7:03 AM

With great knowledge comes great responsibility. 

For business leaders and marketers, we must turn data into insight that improves the customer experience and makes our business better.

In the second edition of our Online Party Booking Study, we took your suggestions from last year and made some significant enhancements to give you a deeper understanding of customer behavior. 

Some of the gold nuggets to fuel your party booking strategy include:

  1. Women booked 86.8% of all parties booked online.
    In a majority of households, women handled a majority of party bookings in 2018. However, we found that some men seemed more inclined to book over the phone or in person than online. 

  2. 4-6 year-olds were the largest 'guest of honor' age group.
    The child's age influences purchasing decisions at Family Entertainment Centers. There seems to be a desire to make birthdays extra special around the time when socializing starts becoming important for kids. 

  3. 21.4% of party hosts booked their party less than one week of the event date.
    Some people seem to wait until the last minute to do things, and there's no exception with parties booked online. If you have a few time slots available for party rooms, there's a pretty good chance you'll get takers if you get the right message out at the right time.

Want more insights into customer behavior? Download the report for free and discover how your customer behavior is changing.

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