Are You a Sales Pro? Our Recap of TrainerTainment’s Virtual Conference

Are You a Sales Pro? Our Recap of TrainerTainment’s Virtual Conference

Laura Cañellas
Dec 9, 2020 6:30 AM

Last week, the TrainerTainment team held a two-day "virtual clinic" in which they introduced the Sales Pro System, based on founder Beth Standlee’s book, People Buy From People: How to Personally Connect in an Impersonal World. Our team at Party Center Software had the pleasure of attending and participating in this inspiring virtual conference.

Our Recap of TrainerTainment's Virtual Conference

Dedicated to helping family entertainment centers grow, Beth Standlee kicked off day one by discussing Mindset, one of the key components of the Sales Pro System and an area a lot of people struggle in. She kindly asked us: what’s really holding you back from becoming a Sales Pro? 

We then broke out into groups to discuss our greatest fear about sales. Beth helped to change our mindset by asking us to answer the following questions about our fear: 

  1. What else could be true?
  2. Does this happen every time?
  3. What’s the worst that can happen?
  4. What’s the best that can happen?

We quickly realized that a lot of our self-limiting beliefs got in the way of our success. The key here is that we have to question these beliefs in order to see them for what they really are - beliefs. Ones that aren't necessarily grounded in truth!

At Party Center Software, we created a resource about this very topic. Check it out below:

Complimentary eBook: Overcoming Adversity & Negative Self-Talk

Overcoming Adversity & Negative Self-Talk
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Day 2 was all about Prospecting and Connecting. Prospecting is what sets us up to become Sales Pros. Getting new business is critical to our long-term success, and Beth emphasized how important time blocking this activity is. Although it might seem harder in this “virtual world,” there are still ways for us to build relationships and grow our business.

A good place to start is by first identifying your ideal buyer. We listed their goals, values, characteristics, objections they may have, and how or where we can add value. 

Next, we discussed the importance of building trust. Finding common ground & knowing how to communicate with our buyer's personality type is critical when trying to form strong relationship. 

Beth also mentioned that as much as we hate hearing “no,” it strengthens us. This perspective is much needed, especially in the current climate!

If you're an FEC owner or operator, you won't want to miss out on TrainerTainment’s future events. Click here to visit their event page and stay up to date.

And be sure to grab a copy of their 2021 Sales Planner!


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