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Ways to Use Guest Data to Its Full Potential

Alex Keller
Mar 24, 2020 8:30 AM

It can be easy to overlook the importance of collecting and leveraging guest data in your business, especially if you don’t know how to or believe it’s not as beneficial as it is.

We know—organizing a list of names and contact information is nowhere near as “fun” as a new attraction delivery. However, sometimes the most basic information can be just as impactful. Guest data can help you:

  • Drive repeat business. How will they find out you’ve added that attraction or even improved the facility?

  • Market to new, yet similar customers

  • Improve communication during specific, community wide events

Think of data as the molten iron coming out of a blacksmith’s forge. Without the raw material, not even the most skilled craftsman could create a useful item.

Ways to Use Your Guest Data to Its Full Potential

Collect Guest Data

Are you still using that giant binder or even post-it notes to keep track of your customers? Do you have boxes of paper waivers piling up at this point?

Hand-written logs or even an out-of-date point of sale aren’t going to be the best at helping you create a database or associate transactions with a certain customer.

You need to have easily useable, digital information. One of the best ways to do this is through party-booking software.

One of the greatest advantages to using software is how easily report-able these items can become.

  • Would you like to learn who your most loyal guests are?
  • Want to know more about parties that were booked?
  • Do you want to wish a happy birthday (and send a coupon!) to every guest whose birthday is a few months out?

Pull the report for it, then! Whatever system you have in place should make this is as easy as a few clicks.

Put Your Data to Work

You have the information or have at least started gathering more moving forward.

You’ve won the first battle. Now what?

For event bookings and driving guests into your building you will want to start with Facebook.

In the United States, over 70% of users will use the site every day !

The major reason people use Facebook is to keep in contact with friends and family. Think about that for a second. Doesn’t that reason align with … reasons people would visit your family entertainment center?

How does this help you leverage guest data? First you’ll need to knock out some basics:

  • Make sure you have an official Facebook business page. Make sure you control this platform yourself!
  • Install your Facebook Pixel on to your website.

From there you can:

    • Create a custom audience. You take your customer list and upload it to the Facebook business manager to run advertisements at that audience.

    • Create a lookalike audience. Facebook knows a lot about this custom audience you created; their demographic, location data, likes and dislikes, median income, etc. You can run ads at … people who “look like” those who already visit your center.

    • Re-target website visitors. Ever see an advertisement for a product on Facebook/Instagram, that you just looked at online? That’s a Facebook Pixel at work, and you can do this too!

You will drive repeat business and encourage new visitors using the world’s largest social platform.

Getting more "likes" is great, but an online store front or booking module makes it all worthwhile. If you can get the right message to the right people, they will want to buy from you—so don’t make that any more difficult than it needs to be!

You might have a good idea of how a new guest will walk through your facility their first time , but do you know how they interact with you digitally?

By installing Google Analytics, you can track a customer’s journey through your website

      • What pages get viewed most often?

      • Which page leads to them “bouncing”, or leaving the site
        most often?

      • How many people are converting from your homepage to your booking page?

      • How many people visit your site daily, and what events cause that to spike? Should I be running “rainy-day” specials in inclement weather?

Don’t overlook the volume of potential guests that might visit you online first.

That impression is just as important as the one they have when they walk through your front door.

Use The Reporting Feature in Your
Party-Booking Software

One of the most important ways you can use guest data to its full potential is by utilizing its reporting feature. Here are a few useful reports you may want to consider analyzing.

  • Customer Detail Report: This is a great way to create those customer lists I have mentioned. Each contact in your software should have their own profile with as much customized information as possible, including their address, birthday(s) and any special notes such as allergies or noteworthy interactions that can help you provide them with the best guest experience when they come in.

    Maybe you operate an indoor facility and know that party bookings trail off in June and July. To use the Customer Detail report, run a report of customers that have summer birthdays. by doing this, you now have a list of individuals to contact to say happy birthday, and offer them a discount if they book a party with you during these summer months.

  • Customer Loyalty Report: Use this to determine who your most loyal customers are.  They are your VIPs who are likely spreading the good word about your facility, and will complete positive reviews or provide testimonials when asked. 

    They can also provide great information on why they visit/spend money at your facility rather than another so you can upkeep/maximize those aspects!

  • Party Statistics: Running a report of your party statistics is a great way to view which party packages are your most popular. You can also see what platform each event package is selling better on: in-house or online.

    Perhaps your budget party package is most often selected when booked “in-house” . That's a great training opportunity for your team to teach them how to effectively up-sell! 

    Download: 2019 Online Party Booking Study

Ready to Use Your Guest Data to Its
Full Potential?

If you’re a Party Center Software customer that hasn’t started putting your data to work (or need help learning how)—no worries! 

We know how busy you are, but we also how important using it is. 

That’s why we want to help you! Contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager and they'll set up a training session to help guide you through the most useful information and reporting for your business. 

Not one of our customers, but interested in a free consultation?

Our customer success consultants would love to chat about your needs and goals for making your FEC a major success.

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