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3 Website Updates Your FEC Should Make in the New Year

Jan 7, 2020 11:09 AM

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to your business.

Research has shown that over 70-80% of people will research a company on the web before making a purchase decision, usually by visiting its website.

With the majority of consumers researching your business online before they even step foot into your facility, you need to be sure you're consistently making updates to your family entertainment center's website, keeping it in tip-top shape.

Following are three simple website updates to make each new year, if you want to continue making great first impressions and drive more customers through your doors.

5 Website Updates Your FEC Should Make Each New Year

1. Update Your Pictures

When is the last time you updated the pictures on your website?

One of the easiest and most prominent website updates you can make is to periodically change your pictures, especially on your homepage. People get tired of seeing the same thing for too long, so it's important to change them out at least once a year. First time visitors to your site will be impressed with the look, and repeat visitors will immediately be able to tell improvements have been made.

Additionally, the pictures you use should not just be of the attractions in your facility. The photographs on your website should showcase your target customers enjoying themselves on the attractions at your FEC, or having a great experience with something else you offer, such as having fun a birthday party or enjoying a meal together. Make your staff feel special as well by including pictures of them working hard to provide excellent customer experiences.

(Note: To protect yourself legally, be sure to include a clause in your online waivers requesting permission to use photographs of customers in your facility for marketing purposes.)

A simple website update such changing your pictures gives the impression you care about continually improving other aspects of your business as well, something very attractive to potential customers and local patrons you want to become repeat and loyal customers.

2. Update Your Party Packages and/or Pricing

Run a report of the parties you hosted at your family entertainment center in the past year. Ask yourself a few questions as you analyze the results:

  1. Is your party revenue meeting the goal you set out to achieve at the start of the previous year?
  2. Is the revenue an increase of the year prior?
  3. What kind of feedback have you got from your customers? Do they feel you provide valuable party packages for the price you charge? If you're not sure, run a customer feedback survey! Your customers are your best source for insight.
  4. How can you improve your party packages to provide better value for the cost?
  5. What aspects of your party packages haven't been very popular? Could they be removed? This would mean you may need to decrease the price, but there's a increased potential to sell more of them now.

Your success is dependent on your customers, so give them what they want!

Taking your customers' opinions into account when making updates to your party packages and pricing makes your customers feel like you value them. This exponentially increases their desire to give you their business over your competitors.

3. Update (Or Add!) Your Customer
Testimonial Section

Happy customers are your best marketers!

Prioritize asking customers who you know have experienced a wonderful time at your family entertainment center to provide you with a quote that you can use to "show off!"

Add these quotes to your website as proof of your commitment to positive, memorable customer experiences.

If you're still wondering why making this kind of website update is important, think for a second: when you're looking for a restaurant to go to in an unfamiliar area, or trying to buy a particular item online, what would you look at to make your decision?

Customer Testimonials are your FEC's reviews! The more positive, detailed, and recent reviews you have for potential customers to read, the greater your chances are for converting more website visitors into paying customers.

Never Stop Improving

Hopefully the tips above help you to get started making your website updates for the new year.

If you're interested in more insights for how to improve revenue at your FEC, click here or the image below to check out our complimentary guide, 3 Simple Ways to Improve Revenue at Your Family Entertainment Center!

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