Employee Scheduling & Time Clock

The employee scheduling and time clock features allow you to create employee schedules and easily keep track of payroll for your staff.  Employees can provide you with their schedule of availability in order to more easily assign that employee based on their schedule.  Once the schedule is made, your staff can view it online.  Clocking in and clocking out is as simple as inputting a username and password.  And if user is accessing the software at the front counter, he or she does not need to log out for another employee to access the time clock feature.

You also have the ability to edit time cards in case someone forgot to clock out at the end of their shift.  The Advanced Reporting features allows you to create a report for all employee payroll and labor costs.

Benefits of Employee Scheduling & Time Clock:

  • Employees input their schedule of availability
  • Assign employees to specific parties based on availability
  • Time clock for clocking in and out
  • Time card reports for payroll
  • Employee schedule can be viewed online by your staff

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"Our most favorite features of Party Center Software are the online booking tool, as well as the employee time card. Both of those save us a tremendous amount of time and money."

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