Advanced Reporting

As an operator, data is extremely important when trying to learn what items are selling, where you revenue is coming from, how your guests found your business, and more.  The advanced reporting system was designed to provide analysis on your entire business.  Our software provides an entire suite of reports from time cards and daily event schedules, to product/category accrual and closeout summary for POS.

All of the accounting reports can be exported into a CSV format, which can then be imported directly into QuickBooks or any other accounting software.  The User Security feature also allows you to control which employees and managers can access all of these reports.

Benefits of Advanced Reporting:

  • Time card reports
  • Daily event schedules for an overview of parties/events on that day
  • Analyze event statistics to see when different types of events were booked
  • Product and category accrual shows all of the revenue in any specified date range
  • Compare your current bookings to previous years
  • Referral report breaks down customers based on how they found your business


"The software actually saves us a lot of time. Most of it is related to reporting and gathering data and information. Prior to PCS, we used to do our daily sheet in an excel spreadsheet, which required someone to enter the data manually, and then retrieve it, and email it, and so forth. So I would say easily, in a week, it saves us 4-5 hours of staff time. That's a considerable amount of time if you multiply that by a number of locations."

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