User Security

Party Center Software is a cloud-based facility management tool, so you can access the software from anywhere in the world.  But obviously not every employee should have access everywhere, and not every employee should be able to use every tool.  This is where user security permissions become extremely important.  Every employee will have their own unique username/password for the software.  All user activity is tracked and logged so you can keep your staff accountable.

You can restrict employees to specific tasks and functions by locking down certain portions of the software.  That way you don’t have hourly party hosts accessing items that are reserved only for managers and owners.  In addition, you can set location-based permissions so that only certain managers would have access from outside the facility.  All others would need to log in from the IP address of your facility.  The added user security protection allows you to run your business without worrying about who is accessing important data.

Benefits of User Security:

  • Access software from anywhere in the world via Internet
  • Assign employees a username/password and security level
  • Restrict employees to specific tasks and functions
  • The system tracks and logs employee activity
  • IP based security to “lock down” the software

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