Vendor Management

The vendor management tool provides the ability to create and manage vendors for your facility.  Specific products – such as pizza, cake, goody bags, balloons, etc – can be assigned to specific vendors within the software.  And each of these vendors can have specific delivery times based on the party’s start time.  

With just a couple clicks, you can create an entire vendor report for a date range that will automatically show you each product ordered, which party ordered that product, what time the product needs to be delivered, and any specific notes that you have provided. This reports can be printed or sent off to your vendors – your kitchen, local pizza vendor, local cake maker, etc.

All of the data is pulled from the existing party and event orders, so you’ll never have a mistake.  The software will notify you if any order changes have been made after running these vendor management reports, which prevents an updated order to be “forgotten” by any employees.  This tool is extremely helpful in saving time and eliminating errors.

Benefits of Vendor Management:

  • Create and manage vendors for your facility
  • Assign specific products to specific vendors
  • Set delivery times for each product and vendor
  • Run reports showing all products ordered for specific date ranges
  • Automatic reminders for updated vendor orders

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