Bowling Centers

Modernize Your Bowling Center

Bowling centers are evolving from traditional, league-focused centers into multi-attraction, modern entertainment facilities.  More and more operators are catering to an open play (non-league) customer base, offering events such as glow-in-the-dark late night bowling, enhanced birthday party packages, and corporate events.  By doing this, bowling centers are encouraging families from the entire community to stay longer and spend more at the facility.  

Data shows that bowling centers that are willing to change with the times and upgrade equipment will find more success. Implementing online booking and event management software into your bowling center will improve your customer satisfaction, enhance your brand identity, and streamline party management.

Highlights for Bowling Centers

  • Easily create quotes for your customers
  • Manage private and lane birthday parties
  • Assign different party pricing based on time and day
  • Increase add-on revenue with online booking

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