Roller Skating Facilities

Roller skating is a tried and true pastime that has lasted generations.  During the heyday of roller skating, there were no computers, cell phones, or Facebook.  Today, new technology has brought forth amazing innovations that allow your rink to operate more efficiently and provide for better customer service than you have ever had before… and with this comes more revenue!

How can using Party Center Software help you improve your customer service in your rink?  By allowing customers the opportunity to book and build their dream party whenever they want – not just when you are open and answering the phones.  So at 2 AM that mom can now hop on her iPad and book her child’s entire birthday party, including the deposit, without having to wait for you to call her back.  You let her purchase what she wants, when she wants.  That is customer service, and it also frees you from being tethered to your phone.

In the past, most skating centers used old shoe boxes, little metal boxes or, at best, an old standard cash register to track their sales. Again, with new technology, you can now use the Party Center Software point of sale system to allow customers to purchase tickets, skate rentals, skatemate rentals, concessions and more.

So today is a great day to start using the Party Center Software online booking, event management and point of sale system to improve your operation.

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Highlights for Roller Skating Facilities

  • With online booking, reduce the labor involved in party booking, and free up your employees to assist with other tasks
  • Track payments and deposits for all events
  • Customize point of sale stations and track all transactions
  • Save customer information in the customer database

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