Trampoline Parks

Book Parties and Collect Waivers Online to Streamline Your Trampoline Park Business

Indoor trampoline parks are one of the hottest new concepts in the family entertainment industry.  They offer the perfect combination of fun and fitness with a throughput that will make the revenue spike!  These parks need a software that will allow operators to manage the facility with a single, integrated solution.  

Party Center Software manages everything from POS transactions and customer records to event booking and online waivers.  The online booking and event management tools will improve your customer satisfaction, enhance your brand identity, and streamline events and parties.  And with the increasing cost and importance for liability insurance at trampoline parks, easy-to-use electronic waivers have never been more important.

Highlights for Trampoline Parks

  • Online waivers are integrated with the customer database
  • Customize your point of sale screens for different stations
  • Manage parties and events for both online booking and customers who call in
  • Run reports from the customer database for marketing purposes

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