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by Danny Gruening, on May 13, 2014 1:52:28 PM

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Why did you choose Party Center Software?
"We chose Party Center Software because we thought that it had a feature that we were missing. We didn't have the opportunity to sign up birthday parties online, one. And two, we weren't able to sign up birthday parties at all when customers wanted to sign up after hours. We had another program in here before, but it just didn't have the same bells and whistles that Party Center Software has."

How much time does Party Center Software save you?
"Well, I mean, the time savings is probably 20 minutes per booking if we had to book it ourselves. But really, the savings is more of the opportunity for a customer to book online when we're not open. Most moms want to book their parties at 6:00 in the morning when they getting up, waiting for their kids, or 11 o'clock at night, or 2 o'clock in the morning. Whenever they think of it, they can just go to our website and book their party. And then it's just a simple process after that; it's just a return email which is automated and then a phone call to make sure they have all the extras they want."

What would you say to someone considering Party Center Software?
"I think Party Center Software is the way to go. They have all the features that you already need. They have all the accounting systems set up that you'll need. It's easy to set up. I think one of the things that's going to make it easy for you is just that the work and all the research has already been done."

Has Party Center Software been a good investment for your business?
"Oh definitely. We looked at Party Center Software when we opened, and I saw Scott (Drummond) at more trade shows than I can believe. I finally came to him at a trade show about 3 years ago and said 'Scott, I think my staff is ready.' We jumped on board and we haven't looked back since."

Additional Comments
"We have been open 6 years and Scott finally got in the door... and I'm glad I accepted the offer! The upsells we have booked along with the convenience is a win win for us and the customer!"

"We have been using Party Center Software for the past year and our online bookings have grown substantially! In this day and age of mom's do it now thinking and now could be 2 in the's great to have them be able to open our website and get the job done!"

Jay Trietley - Alley Cats

Alley Cats
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