Little Java's Family Fun Center Testimonial

by Danny Gruening, on May 13, 2014 1:11:35 PM

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"I'm from Weston Florida, we own Little Java's Family Fun Center."

Why did you choose Party Center Software?
"At first we thought it would be easy to keep things in an Excel spreadsheet, and do things with just the basic point-of-sale, then we discovered Party Center Software. We did a tutorial, and it seemed to cover all of our concerns on the type of business we are in, which is family entertainment."

What are the most important features to you?
"What we love the most, is that in one simple system we get a reporting system, the point-of-sale for all our different avenues of revenue, which is our cafe, our concession stand, online party booking; we get to see right there in one screen what we are booking online. It works for us 24 hours a day, even when we sleep we're booking parties. The booking of the parties itself are very easy. Most of our employees are between the ages of 17 and 21 - They're very young, and it is very difficult to train them, and with Party Center Software it's a breeze. I train an employee, within 30 minutes they know the system in and out."

Do you enjoy using the report system in Party Center Software?
"I love the report(s), because it categorizes everything by products individually. I can see what I've done this year versus last year, this month versus last month; what products are selling, what profits I'm making. Anything you can think of, the reporting system will give you; it's a summary of how much you've made today, in a week, last month. Last month versus the same month last year. It's pretty simple to read, and really makes a difference in where we're going forward."

What would you say to someone who's considered Party Center Software?
"Do the free tutorial - I was a little skeptical; I thought I could do it myself, and that I didn't need a software company to help us, and it actually took a lot of convincing from my husband to do it. We did the full tutorial, and I couldn't be running my business the way that we run it, if it wasn't for Party Center Software."

Little Java's
2750 Glades Circle, Suite 100
Weston, FL 33327

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