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Champions Roller World Testimonial

by Danny Gruening, on Jul 11, 2014 7:02:57 AM

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"My name is Bob Justice. I'm Manager at Champions Roller World in Spring, TX."

What are your favorite features?
"My favorite feature, really, is just for the customers to be able to book whenever they want, wherever they want to. Because they're able to book birthday parties with us when we're closed. So my favorite feature is actually a feature that's for the customers - they're able to book parties with us whenever they want to, wherever they are."

How much time does the software save you?
"Like most rinks, we had just done regular phone booking and in-person booking. And it's really taken the phone out of our hands, and given us the ability to save the time that we would spend on the phone for them to be able to book. It saves probably 20 hours a week just in going back and forth on phone calls, and missed calls, and follow-ups. It's really saved us a lot of time."

Has the software been a good investment for you?
"Oh, absolutely. Party Center Software is one of the best investments that we've made for our facility. I think most rinks are using yesterday's technology to run today's business. And the ability for customers to be able to book 24/7, wherever they want to is just a great advantage for our business."

What would you say to others considering this software?
"I say just do it because it's going to make a difference in your business. It's going to increase your bookings. It's going to save you a ton of time. And most importantly, it's going to give your customers the opportunity to be able to book with you even when you're closed. There's no reason not to do Party Center Software. If you're not booking online, you're missing out."

Champions Roller World
5504 Fellowship Lane
Spring, TX 77379

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