Skate Tiffany's Testimonial

by Danny Gruening, on Aug 26, 2014 7:15:57 AM

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"Dennis King - Skate Tiffany's Family Fun Center in Puyallup, Washington. We've had Party Center Software for about 5 years now."

What are your favorite features?
"Some of my favorite features would be - obviously the booking software is amazing. It's helped streamline our business. I recommend it for anybody that is getting into party center booking software, that wants to help streamline their party booking system."

How much time does the software save you?
"The Party Center Software saves us countless hours in paper trails, follow ups....It helps us streamline the party center experience with our customers."

Has it been a good investment for you?
"The Party Center Software has been, by far, the best investment for our business. There isn't a better software on the market today."

What would you say to others considering Party Center Software?
"If I had to say one thing to another facility that's wanting to get into an online party booking software: You will not be disappointed with Party Center Software. The software, and the staff, and the training that goes behind it is, bar none, the best in the industry."

Additional Comments
"If you're not using Party Center Software as your online booking system, you're missing out on a huge opportunity and additional profit center for your industry."

Skate Tiffany's
1113 N. Meridian
Puyallup, WA 98371

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