Lil Monkeys Indoor Playground Testimonial

by Danny Gruening, on Jan 5, 2015 10:33:35 AM

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"Jason Walkinshaw. I have a family entertainment center called Lil Monkeys in Burlington, Ontario."

What are your favorite features?
"I like the online [booking] feature - it saves us a lot of time. I like the user-friendliness of it."

Does the software save you a lot of time?
"Oh, it saves us a ton of time. Everything is already set up for us. It's very interactive with what we need to do. We can set it up how we need to do everything. So it saves us a ton of time. It makes it user-friendly for the staff so there's less mistakes because it's walking them through a lot of the steps."

Would you recommend this software to other operators?
"I would strongly recommend it to other operators. I've looked at other softwares over the years that are really expensive. I find with this, you get the best value for the money and it's super user-friendly, and the customer service support is huge. It's very quick, very easy, and someone's always available."

Lil Monkeys Indoor Playground
3250 Harvester Road, Unit 5
Burlington, ON L7N 3W9

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