The Jump Yard Testimonial

by Danny Gruening, on Apr 21, 2015 1:31:15 PM

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"My name is Anthony McKay. I'm here with The Jump Yard. We offer a 30,000 square foot warehouse that we've turned into an inflatable kingdom, more or less. We have 10 inflatables, 7 different party rooms, and over 50 arcade games. We've used Party Center Software here since the day that we opened, which was 5 years ago."

How often do you use Party Center Software?
"We use Party Center Software on a daily basis for booking, for our POS system, helping schedule our employees for hosting parties, and everything in-between."

How does Party Center Software help your business?
"The software helps us maintain every one of our employees. The employees clock in and clock out through the software, so it helps keep track of the hours of our employees. Every single one of our parties is booked through Party Center Software, whether it be online or manually through the phone. So it helps keep track of our party schedule, all our add-ons and stuff like that, so we know what's going into each party. It helps keep us very organized."

Have you enjoyed your experience with Party Center Software?
"I've dealt with a lot of customer service in what I've done, and I can honestly say you guys are usually very, very, very reliable - as far as picking up the phone and not having to wait on hold for 3 hours like some places. If I have an issue whatsoever, you guys are on top of it without a problem - which to me is a very big deal."

Would you recommend Party Center Software to others?
"For other people looking into getting into the same thing that we're doing, Party Center Software's a perfect fit. We've looked at other competitors just to see what's out there, but nothing seems to fit and do just exactly what we want as best as Party Center Software does."

Additional Comments
"The amount of parties that book online versus over the phone and in person probably balances out pretty equally. We started with the booking online when it was very new, and it's kind of really grown to match the parties over the phone as well as in person."

The Jump Yard
13700 York Road
North Royalton, OH 44133

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